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Amanda Starlein wins the Big Reveal Wrap Design Challenge

Congrats to Amanda Starlein, Lead Illustrator/Graphic Designer of Atlantic Pinstriping for taking home the grand prize on the first ever Big Reveal: Wrap Design Challenge presented by Carl Brewer, 3M Graphics, and The Bad Wrap! This challenge was created to give designers a chance to show their talent without relying on the talent of a qualified installer.

Over 35 submissions were received and judged by some of the industry’s top names in marketing and design including, Carl Brewer of The Wrap Installers, Wrapfolio, Skepple, WRAPS magazine, The Wrap Promoter, and Wrapper Mapper.

Designers first submitted their artwork on the drivers side of a Mustang using The Bad Wrap vehicle templates. Five finalists were chosen who then were required to submit print panels, layered source files, and a proof. The winning wrap, selected by the judges, would then be secretly wrapped and unveiled at the show.

Some of the judging criteria included the Wow-Factor, composition, source files and presentation, and ultimately having everything required to hand off to the printer/installer to take care of the rest!

3M came through with a surprise by supplying their brand new 48″ reflective media which was unveiled on the winning wrap. We think it turned out stunning. Congrats Amanda!