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Sekanskin’s Prismacan: This is our art

Sekanskin has blown away the competition at Impotfest 2016. Their craft and dedication is truly unparalleled and this one-of-a-kind wrap raises the bar when it comes to auto styling and design.

Each piece was laid by hand creating many prisms that all connected to form a symmetrical design that flowed throughout the car. The dimensions of the triangles were specific to replicate that of desirable angles and structural efficiency. We showcased a 3M product called “3M Dichroic”. When combined with the 3 different finishes we chose, it captured the full spectrum of the rainbow. This is where the name “Prismacan” was inherited. We divided the car into a triangular prism and used those lines to define where the colors transitioned. Every aspect of the concept was calculated to work with the vehicle’s body lines while still maintaining consistency throughout the design. The prism consisted of 3 triangles in 3 different iridescent finishes while each displaying 3 major colors.