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Top 10 reasons to wrap your car

Vehicle wrapping is becoming more popular than ever. Wraps can be for style, advertising, or even as an alternative to paint. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons to wrap; in no particular order!

10. Fix that old UV damaged and oxidized paint!

Paint damage and oxidation in the clear coat.
Paint damage and oxidation in the clear coat.

Old paint can become cracked, faded and damaged from the elements. Most of the time, older cars are not worth the cost of a respray. Even a cheap paint job is not worth the hassle. Low quality paint shows drips, orange-peel finish, uneven spray, color-matching and improper prep work. All factors to keep in mind. A wrap is the perfect way to revamp an old vehicle’s appearance quickly and at lower cost than paint.

09. An exotic new look

Stand out from the masses with a color or finish not offered from the factory. Whether a show car, race car or daily driver, the wrap industry has provided consumers with a plethora of colors, tints and shades to choose from. Easily add accents, racing stripes, logos and more with the use of vinyl material. Anything is possible and your OEM paint remains untouched. Check out our film section to browse some of the various choices.

08. Brand Awareness

Advertise your business! Wrap your vehicle with your company’s branding and contact info to easily reach the local masses. On a budget? Wrap designers can create a partial wrap which means less printing and less installing to save you money.

07. Reversibility

Quality vinyl is easily removed with a little heat. Low-quality media may be more difficult to remove.

There’s nothing more desirable and valuable than the original factory paint. With a wrap, you can change the look of your car while simultaneously protecting and preserving the original paint! Keep in mind, however, there are certain factors that apply. Wraps are great for those who want a temporary solution or those who like to change things often! Paint cannot be removed or reversed.

06. Replaceability

Damaged vinyl can be replaced.
Damaged vinyl can be replaced.

Pollen, bird poop, tar, abrasives, waxes and certain solutions can easily damage paint and vinyl wraps—especially if not cleaned right away! Damaged or scratched vinyl can be replaced without having to mix, blend or color-sand new paint. Simply peel the damaged vinyl and replace it with a new piece. Be sure to keep any left over vinyl from your install for this reason!

05. Your dream color

Thousands of unique color options to choose from.
Thousands of unique color options to choose from.

When searching for a new or used vehicle, sometimes a buyer will come across the perfect set of wheels but the color is not ideal. For example, silver is a common color but may be less desirable to an enthusiast looking for something a little more unique. Exterior and interior Color combinations are very important to a buyer and enthusiast but it’s hard to turn a good car away just for color. With vinyl, you can quickly change that less-than-ideal color into your dream color.

04. Resale Appeal

@14stormtrooper's  Jeep wrapped in satin pearl white.
@14stormtrooper‘s Jeep wrapped in satin pearl white.

Selling your car? Wrapping it can make it look brand new and more appealing to potential buyers. Your “For Sale” ads will stand out and likely receive more hits and contacts! Be cautious of colors that may be less desirable to buyers than others. As a buyer, take caution that the paint may not be perfect underneath; this means you may have to rewrap the vehicle in a few years! For newer cars, vinyl can protect the paint and help preserve the resale value of a used car with fresh factory paint!

03. Paint Protection

Paint is often damaged from rocks and other road debris.
Paint is often damaged from rocks and other road debris.

Protect the factory paint with a vinyl wrap. Enjoy a fresh temporary color while maintaining the factory appearance! Vinyl can protect your paint from dirt, grime, tar, scratches and swirl marks in the clear coat! Even routine hand car washes can create swirl marks over time. Vinyl will protect a paint job that’s already in good condition. When it’s time to remove the wrap, there’s still a clean painted surface underneath!

02. Matte wraps look better than Matte paint

Flawless matte wrap on this M5.
Flawless matte wrap on this Matte gray M5.

Have you ever seen a matte paint job? Are you sure it was paint? With quality film and a top-notch installer, a wrap can look even better than paint! Never worry about an uneven or blotchy paint job. When applied correctly, vinyl is always smooth and clear of any discoloration. Remember, you get what you pay for.

01. Break Necks

Simply stunning! Photo courtesy of 467 Photography.
Simply stunning! Photo courtesy of 467 Photography.

Wrap a unique color, print a crazy design or promote your business. Whether building a car for form or function, the exterior appearance should always look amazing and turn heads wherever you go.