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Why wrap? Tesla Model S in Satin Dark Grey

Check out Marques Brownlee’s new video where he takes in his Tesla Model S to Phenomenal Vinyl in New York to be wrapped in 3M Satin Dark Grey. He begins by explaining why one would even want to wrap a car and explains the differences between clear bra paint protection and a full body wrap.

The video has quickly gained over a million views on YouTube. Matt from Phenomenal Vinyl posted:

That moment you hit 1 Million Views on a wrap you did! Gotta admit Marques is the man! People like this help the industry so much. Not only did he make a video of the process, but he also explains the benefits of wrapping as well as maintenance etc. We did not plan this or know anything. 4 days before SEMA he dropped off his vehicle and we found out he wanted to do a YouTube video. After he leaves I go on his channel and damn near screamed when I realized who he was. Obviously we said come by and he did just that. So enjoy the video and thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years. This was an unbelievable blessing and I can’t thank everyone enough.

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