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Wrapping with Wrap Starr Graphics: Green Chrome Viper

Wrap Starr Graphics in Huntington Beach, CA, invited us over to check out their latest build; Life in Sixth Gear’s Dodge Viper wrapped in a custom made Green Chrome using Avery’s silver Conform Chrome and a specialty green over-laminate from KPMF.

The project started with an installer’s nightmare. An abundance of glue, primer, and old adhesive leftover from the previous (overzealous) installer which had to be removed from every crack and crevice. Detailed prep work is a must for any install but removing old adhesive-promoter and primer takes a lot of extra work!

Once the car was completely cleaned and prepped, the team got to work. Chrome is one of the most difficult films to install due to and becomes even more difficult due to the addition of an extra-thick layer of green over-laminate. Due to the insane thickness of the newly laminated film, Bryce purchased a large gas heater to help apply constant and even heat to a larger area. The heat softens the vinyl and makes it stretchy, conformable, and easier to apply to complex curves. The second half of the car was wrapped in a satin black.

The Viper is now fully wrapped. The next step is to apply a satin black graphics package to the exterior. Stay tuned for more photos.

Green Chrome Wrap