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Bright Yellow Slingshot Wrap

Bright Yellow Slingshot Wrap

Last month, our client called us and said that he was looking to get his Slingshot wrapped and asked us if we were able to assist him. We were all confused as we thought about a slingshot that you use a child, you know the one you pull back and throw stones with! So we asked him to send us a picture of it and once we received the picture, we were in sweet heavenly bliss. This Slingshot was a beauty and such a rare vehicle to see, the curvature was never ending! This was a challenge that we were ready to tackle.

Our client stated he bought this a few months ago and it had been sitting in his garage. He thought it looked too dull for the road and he really wanted to make it stand out. So he came in with the Slingshot and consulted with us about the process of the wrap and the colors available. We looked through the 3M 1080 swatch book and he fell in love with the Bright Yellow Gloss film. He was put on our schedule and we ordered the material.

While we waited for the material to arrive, we began to take the Slingshot apart piece by piece. It did not even resemble a vehicle when it was all taken apart! Once the vinyl came in, we immediately started wrapping. Our installer, Vernon, had great patience in wrapping the Slingshot. It was very challenging and difficult to get around certain pieces, but the 3M 1080 film was very cooperative and made for a smoother installation.

As we were wrapping away, our client brought in multiple aftermarket parts to add to the Slingshot for our body shop, Central Texas Collision to install. He had brought in new LED headlights, new seats and new tires! This Slingshot was undergoing a complete transformation!

Once we completed the wrap, we put every piece back together and added the aftermarket parts with the help of Central Texas Collision! It turned out to be an amazing and eye catching transformation! This Bright Yellow Slingshot surely cannot be missed on the road!

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