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New Wrap Colors Unveiled at SEMA 2018

We’re always excited to see brand new colors unveiled. Here we’ve compiled the newest colors released from the major wrap manufacturers such as 3M, Avery, Hexis, KPMF, Orafol, and Teckwrap at SEMA 2018.

3M Graphics

Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl

Satin Ghost Pearl’s new sister color now available in Gloss.


Satin Flip Psychedelic

We’ve previously seen this head-turning psychedelic color in Gloss, now it’s available in a satin finish for a completely different look.


Shadow Military Green

Much like the original Shadow Black, 3M Now offers this camo-style textured wrap in Military Green.


3M 60″ Silver Chrome

3M Chrome has been re-released and now in a full 60″ wide role! Check out that clarity.



Matte Olive Green

A military style matte green that’s comparable to 3M Matte Military Green.


Gloss Sand Sparkle Metallic

Just like the name sounds, a near-oem, glossy sand color with a deep metallic flake.


Satin Safari Gold

Yellow Gold with a satin finish. Reminiscent of Phoenix yellow but with much of a green tone.


Gloss Rock Grey

A new gloss dark grey on the market similar to Nardo Grey paint color.


Satin Dark Basalt

Near identical to the popular Satin Pearl Nero from the limited edition Avery Giovanna Series, this color is ever so slightly lighter and with a touch less metallic flake. Probably the next best thing to the original!



Silver Raibow

Much like the other popular Psychedelic colors from 3M, Hexis now has a line of their own. Having viewed this only in the artificial light of the garage at the WWWRAP party, it seems a bit more colorful and vibrant. Very nice.


Hexis Forged Carbon

Check out this forged carbon, looks real and textured to the touch.




Metro Satin Desert Storm

Finally some desert military colors are released. Surprisingly, these tones have not been released from a major manufacturer in the past.

Matte Violaceous Blue

Much like Trenton Blue but a darker and more saturated blue tone.




Satin Stealth Tundra

A near identical color match to the Toyota OE Quicksand paint seen on new 2019 model year Tacomas.




Matte Iced Silver Titanium

This is a nice color for those looking for matte OE type colors. Subtle, yet boasts a sleek luxurious look.



Gloss Opulent Indigo

A stunning gloss metallic blue very reminiscent of 3M Gloss Cosmic Blue but darker.





Matte Sunset Shift

A nice matte red with a subtle orange color shift effect.




Electric Pink

A wild new pink with some iridescent flare.