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Simple tips for better vehicle photography

What sets apart a good photo from a bad photo? Does an interesting subject or a better camera really make a difference? Not necessarily! Unfortunately we encounter poor photography everyday and there’s no excuse for it. Try out these few simple vehicle-photography tips; remember to take a lot of photos to learn what’s working and what isn’t.

First, the rule of thirds

Have you ever noticed the grid lines that are sometimes visible on camera viewfinders? They assist with the rule of thirds philosophy. The idea is to avoid centering your subject to create a visual flow for the eye to follow. Here are a few examples of vehicle photography utilizing the rule of thirds.

Now don’t assume this is an unbreakable rule; We’ll explain why in the sections below. You can read more about the rule of thirds on Wikipedia.


Let’s now ignore the rule of thirds. Position the subject in a way that will fill the camera frame and visible to as much surface area of the car as possible. Every car has a certain angle that looks best and it may take a few photos to find the sweet spot. Try shooting photos away from eye-level, above your head, and close to the ground.


Depending on your lens and camera’s capabilities, the distance you shoot can affect the image. Try shooting from afar and up close and continue to change camera angles. Adjust your aperture and shutter speed to create changes in the depth of field. We won’t get into this as there is much more detailed information out there about operating camera manually.


Many users on Instagram are guilty of bad photography. In addition, the square photo setup can sometimes cause problems when trying to upload photos taken with a normal aspect ratio.

Instagram’s square photos can be a pain especially if trying to upload photos taken with a standard aspect ratio. We’ve found its best to avoid blank margins and utilize Instagram’s square format; a tidy page is more appealing to browsing users. Then again, there are always exceptions and content is king.

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